Work Ready OST: Grades 9-12

O.S.T. programs are offered throughout Philadelphia, providing a safe space, hands-on active experiences and nutritious after school food options.  Together these programs have shown to help students develop social, emotional, physical and academic skills.  During the school year, from dismissal until 5:30pm daily, students know they have a place with engaging activities and a mentoring staff that cares.

Catholic Social Service’s High School Level Programming is offered to students of St. Hubert Catholic High School for Girls in the Northeast section of Philadelphia.  Students and staff collaborate with the community to create engaging activities that; build skills, create bonds with their peers, and support the future pursuits of the young adults in our care. Ensuring their success and connection with community as they build their futures.

To create year round support for the community during the summer months, the program is part of the provider network for Philadelphia Youth Network’s Summer Work Ready program. With two options for the summer; a middle school targeted Early Exposure program (youth 12-14 years old) and a Work Experience program (ages 14+).

Early Career Exposure program is a six week workshop designed to help spark interest in possible goals and identify learning the steps to help get there. Some skills reinforcement; grammar, math, collaborative work and time management help to keep youth engaged and active throughout the summer. Hosted at our high school program location of St. Hubert’s Catholic School.

Work Experience is often the “first job” experience youth may have with the additional support of mentoring adults. This hands-on experience in the workforce challenges youth to build on their skills, interpersonal skills and time management. Positions for the Work Experience program can include; IT Internship with AOP School Techs, Summer Camp Counselor, Facilities Assistant, and Office Assistant. Positions for these jobs are throughout Philadelphia and staff will work with applicants to ensure they are connected to the right fit for them.

  • If you would like to become a host worksite, or present to our participants the career field you are in, please reach out!    


Jo Bradley
Phone: 267-688-4346

Some O.S.T activities include:

Teen Reading Lounge

The Teen Reading Lounge is provided through Catholic Social Services by a grant from the Pennsylvania Humanities Council {site link 1}.  Students have an opportunity to explore literature through a variety of writing styles and genres that will engage their interests, facilitate dialogue and create civic engagement projects within their community. 

Teen Reading Lounge Inspires Healthier Model For Dialogue, Nurtures Empathy

Philadelphia Youth Network Summer Work Ready – Summer Only

Catholic Social Services is one of providers within the Philadelphia Youth Network for helping connect youth to summer employment opportunities. With over an 11 year history of providing this support, youth have a point of contact as they navigate the process to participate in this annual initiative in the city of Philadelphia. 

Once-shy camper grows into teen role model, thanks to Catholic camp

Tech interns earn Google certs, and skills for life